Animal Bedding & Forest Products

Year on year Tottenham Timber are expanding at a vigorous rate, the supply of Animal Bedding & Forest Products. We manufacture and supply products to the Agricultural, Equine and Industrial industries.

Our customers range over a broad spectrum throughout the country and we have products to suit every application. We supply different grades of Sawdust, Woodshavings, Woodchip, Bark Mulch. We have many delivery options and sizes. Pallets to bulk etc.

Products we Supply

  • Sawdust (Baled and Bulk options)
    • TT Green Sawdust
    • TT Premium Dry Sawdust
  • Wood Shavings (Baled and Bulk options)
  • Sawdust / Wood shavings Mix
  • Woodchip
    • 1st Grade Clean woodchip
    • 2nd Grade Buttchip
    • 3rd Grade Recycled Chip
  • Bark Mulch